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Vann Road

This scheme comprised of a 3.4 kilometre potable pipeline constructed using conventional open cut methods for 550 metres installing 250 mm Ductile Iron pipes through the village centre of Fernhurst.

A further 2850 metres of 315mm HPPE SDR 11 pipe was butt welded into strings of 110 metres and directional drilled within the verge and under the highway the strings were connected to each other using electro fusion couplings installed using hydraulic alignment clamps

The works was carried out and controlled with 2 way traffic lights with short sections of full road closure in place

Once the complete pipeline was installed pressure tested and chlorinated we then transferred a total of 110 services to private properties, these were carried out using under pressure tapings to the ductile iron section and ferrule straps on to the HPPE pipe. New 25mm tails were impact moled from the new pipeline to the boundary all the properties were fitted with the latest combined service boxes

3 larger connections onto 3", 4" and 6" spurs that fed small housing complexes were made using under pressure tapping.

Once all of the services were transferred the redundant 3" cast Iron and 6" ductile Iron mains were capped off and all the covers removed and filled in.

Vann Road Pipe Stringing
Vann Road Pipe Stringing
Vann Road 355 HPPE Welding
Vann Road 4 Inch Cross Connection
Vann Road Trench Compaction
Vann Road Service Transfer
Vann Road 6-Way Manifold

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