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Reading Road

Hydroline Solutions were initially brought into carry out a 450mm under pressure tapping onto the existing 900mm Cast Iron potable transfer main.

The 900mm transfer main was unable to be interrupted because of the complex operational procedures.

A coffer dam was installed and the main was callipered a bespoke Saddle was fabricated to fit the exact size and position on the main.

The tapping was completed without any problems which formed the cross connection onto the newly laid 600mm Ductile iron main.

Hydroline Solutions were instructed to make the final connections at opposite end.

Where a complex valve arrangement was installed under night working conditions to connect 1No 700mm DI into 1No: 300mm DI 1No: 250mm DI and 1No 200mm DI.

Mechanical Pipe Fitting
Pipe Stringing
Pipe Laying 700MM DI
Reading Road 300 200 700 Cross Connection
Reading Road Under Pressure Tapping 500 Off 900

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