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Bursledon Rising Main

The scheme comprised of a 3.5Km rising main constructed from 355mm and 280mm HPPE using conventional open cut methods at depth of 3.8 metres a 114m section of 315HPPE pipe was directional drilled beneath Network Rail main line there was a total of 11 Isolation valves 6 Air Valves and 4 Wash Outs installed along the route.

The pipe line was fully butt fusion welded in sections and laid through open country side through Hampshire Police armed response training complex, across a sports field and through busy streets

A World War II air raid shelter was uncovered on route which dictated a short diversion there were 10 major pipeline crossings consisting of Government High pressure Aviation Fuel Esso Petroleum and High pressure Gas these were all carried out under a very strict watching brief

This Scheme won a 4 Delivery environmental award for the conduct and a reduced impact to the surrounding area.

Bursledon Top Soil Stripping
Bursledon Pipe Welding 355 HPPE
Bursledon HP Gas and Esso Pipeline Crossing
Bursledon Under Pressure Grouting
Bursledon Pipe Laying Through Hamble Airfield
Bursledon Trench Fill
Bursledon Trench Fill
Bursledon Pipe Laying

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